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United Auburn Indian Community Scholarship Program
United Auburn Indian Community (UAIC)
10720 Indian Hill Road
Auburn CA 95603
Phone Number (530) 883-2390
Level of Study Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Professional Development
Award Type Scholarship
Purpose The United Auburn Indian Community's (UAIC) Community Giving Committee established its Native American Scholarship Program to support the educational aspirations of other Indigenous Americans in the Sacramento, California area by giving scholarships to selected Native Americans enrolled in higher education programs.
Focus No study requirements. But must be enrolled in 3 credits or more.
Qualifications Have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5. Provide documented proof of enrollment in a BIA federally recognized Native American tribe; or provide a tribal I.D. card or provide proof of lineal descent. Live in one of the following six California counties: Placer, Nevada, Yuba, Sutter, Sacramento or El Dorado.
Criteria Submit a typed personal two-page essay. The essay should contain applicant background information, personal and academic achievements, and any community/volunteer/leadership activities. The applicant should include the reasons they are attending college and what their overall goals are.
Funds $5,000
Duration One
Number of Awards 5-10
To Apply Visit the UAIC Scholarship page, review application requirements, submit a typed personal essay, not to exceed two pages. The essay should include your background information, personal and academic achievements, and any community/volunteer/leadership activities you have been involved with. You should also list the reasons you are in college and what your overall goals are. Provide a copy of your official transcript. Submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or advisor. Provide proof of your Native American heritage.
Deadline Aug 1, 2021
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