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Get licensed

Do you need a license to practice in your field?

Some jobs require that you have a license. Licenses are issued by states, and the qualifications for licensure can vary from state to state. You usually need a combination of experience and training to obtain a license, and you often have to take a test and pay a fee. Examples of fields that often require licenses are:

  • Health care careers, such as dental assistants and emergency medical technicians (EMT)
  • Jobs in the trades, such as plumbers, electricians, and building contractors
  • Jobs that provide personal care such as barbers and cosmetologists

Learn about licensing requirements in your state at CareerOneStop’s License Finder.

If you need to take an exam that will allow you to acquire a state-issued, professional license, the VA may provide funding for the license exam. Funding is for the exam fee but not for study material. Find a list of license and certification exams that are approved for VA funding, by state. (Select “License” next to “LAC Category Type.”)