Workplace preferences and values

Workplace preferences and values

Workplace preferences and values

Identify the qualities in your work life that are important to you.

Studies show that people who work in a career that matches their values and preferences stay in a job longer and have a better quality of life. That's a win for both employees and employers.

Try the techniques below to identify the work-related values and preferences that motivate you. Looking for jobs and employers that reflect these qualities can help guide you to a more satisfying work experience.

Work preferences

The following questions will help you identify your work preferences. Read each question and mark the answer that best describes your preference.

  1. I enjoy working with:
    • data (information, ideas, words, numbers)
    • people
    • things (machines, equipment, animals)
  2. I prefer working:
    • indoors
    • outdoors
    • some inside and some outside
  3. I want to work for a company:
    • with fewer than 100 employees
    • with 100 to 500 employees
    • with 500 or more employees
  4. I would like to work in a:
    • large city
    • medium size city
    • town or suburban area
    • small town or rural area
  5. I am interested in a job that involves:
    • a lot of travel
    • some travel
    • no travel
  6. Which of your past jobs did you like least? Why?
  7. Which of your past jobs did you like best? Why?
  8. What work would you do if you could choose any job you wanted?

Workplace values

Having been in the military, you may be used to a workplace with a structured environment and the values of your Service branch. Since your work-related values can greatly influence your job satisfaction, look for a match between your own values and those of the company and position you pursue.

Print this Work Values checklist to identify your values.

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PDF document

Spanish MS Word document

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