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Job interviews are a necessary two-way street: for you to find the right job fit and the employer to find the right candidate. 

Employers use job interviews to determine if a job candidate is a good fit for both the position and organizational culture. Employers also want to get a sense of your personality and work style. 

For job seekers, an interview is a chance to validate that they actually have the skills, strengths, and qualities their resume describes.  Interviews provide an opportunity to learn about the people you might work with, environment, and expectations.  

Learn more about the topics below.

Types of interviews
Read brief descriptions of the most common types of interviews—and find best practices tips.

Preparing for an interview
Read about the four typical stages of an interview and learn strategies to ace each stage.

Dress for success
Tips for making your first impression count at any job interview.

Common interview questions
Sharpen your interview readiness by practicing answers to common interview questions.

Follow-up after interview
Learn tips for thank you notes and other important follow-up steps.