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Cover letters

Cover letters

A cover letter introduces you to the employer and convinces them how well your skills, experience, and interests match the organization’s needs.

Your cover letter is a chance to motivate an employer to read your resume., and allows you to include personal details that relate to the position and organization. 

Cover letters should:

  • Normally be only one page long.
  • Be customized for each position or employer you are targeting. 
  • Not repeat information in your resume.
  • Use a business letter format.

Template for cover letter

Your name
Your street address
City, State, ZIP code
Phone and e-mail

Date of letter

Employer’s name
Employer’s title
Company name
Street address
City, State, ZIP code 

Dear [Employer’s Name]:

INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH: Tell the reader why you are writing and name the position or department for which you are applying. You also want to capture the reader’s attention. Mention how you heard about the organization or the opening.

BODY: In this section, build a connection between your background and the company’s needs.  If you have any directly related experience or education, summarize it here so the reader can easily look for it in your resume. If you have relevant skills or accomplishments related to the job, mention them here. Show you have done some research on the company by talking about new projects the company has taken on, the particular management philosophy they use, or citing something you have read about them. You are effectively summarizing your skills as they relate to the company research you have done. If available, name someone you and the reader know in common or someone in the company that knows you.

CONCLUDING INFORMATION: Indicate your interest in the job. State that you look forward to being able to discuss your background in an interview. Thank the reader for his/her time and consideration.



Your name typed

Template for cover letter as the body of an email

[Subject line: When sending a cover letter as the body of an email, be sure the email subject line mentions the job for which you are applying.]

Dear [Employer’s name]:


BODY (as before)



Your name
Your e-mail
Your phone number

Print sample cover letter.

MS Word document

PDF document

Spanish MS Word document

Spanish PDF document