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Veterans Job Finder
Want to put your military experience to work in a civilian career?
When you tell us your your military job, we'll match it to civilian careers that use similar skills. Then we'll show you job openings for those careers in your local area.
Get started by entering your military job title or MOC below, as well as the location where you'd like to find work.
If you already know the type of job you want to search for, and don't need to match your military skills to a career, visit the Job Finder.
Veterans Job Finder
See job postings that match your search below.

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The specific skills, teamwork, and discipline you gained in the military are valued in many civilian jobs.
To find job postings, visit CareerOneStop’s Job Search and type in a job title, or a keyword such as a skill you gained in the military (examples: first aid, security, transportation).