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Education and Training Overview
Education and Training Overview

Education and Training relates to planning, managing and providing education and training services, and related learning support services.

The education and training career cluster focuses on the activities, resources, and locations that provide all kinds of learning services. It includes public and private schools at every level—pre-K through high school—as well as colleges and universities. Libraries, museums and corporate training services are also part of this cluster.
Public education is guided by a combination of sources; federal and state departments of education, along with school boards elected by the public, all shape the policies schools operate under, and the requirements for what schools must teach. They influence the amount of money, or budgets, that school districts have to spend and the number of staff each school is able to hire.
The demand for corporate training and development is expected to be strong across many industries. Employers are projected to invest more in workforce training to keep employee skills current, especially as jobs become increasingly complex, technological advancements offer new ways to work, and workers are staying in the workforce longer. Online formats and gamification of training are key trends in the field.
Libraries and museums are another aspect of this cluster; nationwide, there are more than 9,000 public libraries, and over 35,000 museums. Public libraries provide their communities with access to books and other media, computer and Internet use, job search help, and family programs.
Libraries are also housed in schools and universities, government agencies, and corporations. Museums support more than 700,000 jobs and serve as a community asset as well as a major attraction for travelers.
Quick facts to know:
  • There are about 10 million jobs in the education and training cluster, with average growth in new jobs expected.
  • The U.S. has about 56 million students in public and private schools. Around 4 million college degrees—from associate’s through graduate level—are awarded annually.
  • Overall, education requirements are highest for occupations in this cluster of all career clusters, however salaries are about 25% higher than for occupations in general.
  • Increases in student enrollment are expected over the next ten years from elementary school through college, triggering increased demand for educators at all levels.
  • Teacher salaries vary markedly based on region and setting.