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Environmental Compliance Inspectors Career Video

Description: Inspect and investigate sources of pollution to protect the public and environment and ensure conformance with Federal, State, and local regulations and ordinances.

Video Transcript

Government regulations set rules for the ways companies and governments function to ensure that resources are used responsibly and to protect people’s rights and safety. Compliance professionals are the rule enforcers; they make sure organizations meet regulations, operate within the law, and are disciplined when they breach regulations. As internal employees of a company, compliance officers identify their organization’s compliance risks, and design ways to minimize those risks. They organize regular training sessions to enhance workers’ awareness of compliance issues and they set up contingency plans in case of a breach. They help their employers avoid violations that could lead to legal issues, fines, or a diminished reputation. When employed by government agencies, compliance officers may advise the public about licensing, permits, or passport regulations, and issue licenses to those who meet the related standards. At bars and restaurants, for example, they may inspect facilities and equipment, examine financial records, and make sure inspection notices are posted. Customs brokers are compliance workers who facilitate the import and export of goods, while ensuring legal requirements are met, and taxes and duties are paid. Environmental compliance inspectors investigate pollution sources and ensure any individuals or organizations involved follow all laws and ordinances. Compliance jobs are often most concentrated in industries with the highest risk for potential harm or negative long-term consequences, such as energy, food processing, healthcare, and finance. Virtually every compliance position offers variety, continuous learning, and rapid change; curiosity is a helpful trait in the field. Some college, on-the-job training, or an associate’s degree qualifies candidates for a customs broker career. A bachelor’s degree is required for most compliance officer, compliance manager, and environmental compliance inspector positions.