Need help paying your mortgage or your rent after a layoff?

Use the resources below to help meet your housing costs while you’re unemployed.

Mortgage help

Are you behind on your mortgage payments or in danger of losing your home?

Rental assistance

Note: COVID-19/Coronavirus update

If you have lost your job or income due to impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic, you may qualify for housing assistance-either reduced or deferred payments, without penalty to your credit rating.

For homeowners and rental property owners: To access this assistance, ask your mortgage company for a forbearance plan due to financial hardship related to Coronavirus. A plan will delay, not eliminate, your mortgage payments. Be sure to discuss details on repayment arrangements, for example, to extend the loan period to make up for skipped payments.

For renters: Contact your landlord to request a rent reduction or deferral due to financial hardship related to Coronavirus. Rental property owners may have flexibility on their mortgage payments, if tenants are unable to pay due to impacts from the Coronavirus. Note that in many states and localities, eviction rights have been suspended to prevent tenants from the loss of their homes during the Coronavirus outbreak.