What's new 2016

What's new 2016

What's New 2016

Looking for CareerOneStop Data

CareerOneStop collects and maintains a variety of workforce, career, and education-related data. You can access any of our data via the tools in our Toolkit. But did you know you can also download CareerOneStop data directly to your own computer?

When you want not just search results, but an entire dataset, visit CareerOneStop's Data Downloads for quick links to download data free as a Microsoft Excel workbook or Microsoft Access database. Available datasets include:

  • Certifications
  • Occupational Licenses
  • Professional Associations
  • Job Clubs
  • Comprehensive and Affiliate American Job Centers
  • State Workforce Development Boards
  • Local Workforce Development Boards

Job Search Tips for Older Workers

Are you- or do you know- someone who's over 55 and searching for a job? Then you probably know the challenge faced by older job seekers. But did you also know that 2016 is in some ways a great time to be over 55 and looking for a job?

It's true that it generally takes longer for older people to find a job once they are unemployed: while the average length of unemployment for all workers in 2014 was about 28 weeks, it was more than 54 weeks for those 55 and older.

But with the unemployment rate now at its lowest since 2008, the outlook for older workers is looking up. And, research shows that once they land jobs they're keeping them. As the workforce grows older and more senior workers retire, many employers are actively seeking the experience and dedication tha come with new hires age 55-plus.

So how can older workers take advantage of these trends and land a job? CareerOneStop offers tips and advice in Resources for Older Workers.

See the Newly Improved Build-a-Model Tool on the Competency Model Clearinghouse

The Competency Model Clearinghouse (CMC) is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA). The goal of the clearinghouse is to inform the public workforce system about the value, development, and uses of competency models. The department has greatly expanded the capabilities of the CMC's Build-a-Model Tool to allow users to more easily combine information from multiple models and to build and expand on their own customer models.

Announcing GetMyFuture

GetMyFuture.org  is a one-stop, mobile-ready website to help youth plan their careers, explore education and training options, and search and apply for jobs. The site will serve young people between ages 16 and 24, with special resources for those experiencing barriers to success such as involvement in foster care, addiction, homelessness, teen parenting, or a lack of financial, family, or community resources. GetMyFuture.org was developed with input from young adults and youth program providers in order to ensure it offers culturally relevant and effective tools and resources. Several unique resources were developed for the website, including:

  •  Interest Assessment  – an easy-to-use 30-question assessment that matches users’ interests to potential careers. Powered by O*NET’s Mini Interest Profiler, GetMyFuture’s Interest Assessment provides a short assessment for youth to explore their interests and link to fully-developed occupation profiles using their phone, computer, or other device.
  • Occupation Profile  – a revised graphical display of key occupation data including career descriptions, tasks, skills, wages, employment and projections, education requirements and related training information such as certifications, and other occupational information.
  • Finder tools  to search for local resources such as:
    • Job postings
    • Training and education options
    • Scholarships
    • Benefits assistance and relevant social service programs
    • Apprenticeship opportunities
    • Local businesses and employers
    • American Job Centers
  • Tips, worksheets, and other information designed specifically to help youth overcome barriers, explore careers, access education or training options, and find, apply for and keep employment.
  • Videos  - First-person success-story videos of young adults who have overcome barriers to achieve education or career success
  • New Career Videos
    CareerOneStop has launched the first in a series of new occupational videos that will ultimately encompass more than 800 different careers. CareerOneStop will publish new videos on an ongoing basis. Check back frequently to see the new videos. The videos give career explorers, students, and job searchers a portrait of life in hundreds of careers—ranging from shortorder cook to anesthesiologist. All details are based on authoritative occupational and labor market information from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational InformationNetwork (O*NET) program and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are now 21 videos available at CareerOneStop’s New Career Videos.
  • CareerOneStop Blog
    You can stay up to date on relevant topics including job search, interviewing skills, and more from CareerOneStop. Here are just a few of the newest blog posts.
  •  What's New with the Competency Model Clearinghouse
    The Competency Model Clearinghouse is sporting a new look! If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the site, come and take a peek. The redesign is well underway and features a cleaner, crisper look. The industry model pages feature new navigation and the model categories are now alphabetized for ease of use. The redesign will continue over the next few months, so keep coming back! The CMC’s Resource Database is now a repository for a wide variety of assessment instruments. More than 150 assessment instrument profiles have been added to the database. These assessments cover many diverse purposes such as behavior assessment, occupational interests, and career planning. The Resource Database’s inventory of assessment profiles is frequently updated. Take a look!

Wage Data Updates

2015 wage data has been updated on CareerOneStop.org sites. Check out the new information under our Occupation Profiles.

CareerOneStop announces updated Worker ReEmployment website

CareerOneStop’s Worker ReEmployment is now fully mobile responsive for ease of use on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

The revised website continues to be a one-stop site for employment, training, and financial help after a layoff.

It features three main sections:

  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Job Search
  • More Benefits

It also offers an all-new Toolkit featuring several fully mobile-responsive tools for laid-off workers:

  • Unemployment Benefits Finder
  • American Job Center Finder
  • Job Finder
  • Salary Finder
  • Business Finder
  • State Resource Finder

More Career Videos Available

CareerOneStop is currently working on updating our Career Videos. CareerOneStop has now 44 brand new published career videos. Check back frequently to see the new videos.

Veteran and Military Transition Center

CareerOneStop’s new Veteran and Military Transition Center replaced CareerOneStop’s Veterans ReEmployment website in November 2016. The new site features all of the tools and content previously available at Veterans ReEmployment to help veterans Job Search or access Benefits and Assistance. In addition, Veteran and Military Transition Center includes new information to help veterans go Back to School or upgrade their skills. It also features a toolkit with the following resources especially for veterans:

  • Unemployment Benefits Finder     
    Learn how and where to apply for unemployment benefits in your state.
  • American Job Center Finder     
    Locate an American Job Center in your neighborhood or across the country.
  •  Veterans Job Finder     
    Search for a job right now by entering a job and location in search.
  • Job Finder     
    Search for a job right now by entering a job and location in search.
  • Salary Finder     
    Get information on what people earn in more than 800 different types of careers.
  • Business Finder     
    Search in your area for businesses that might be hiring, or for social services that could provide help you need.
  • State Resource Finder     
    Select your state to access job search help, resources for housing, food assistance, legal advice, vital records, and more.

The new Veteran and Military Transition Center is fully responsive and can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Green Careers

CareerOneStop’s Green Careers has been updated with new occupation details including education requirements and links to local programs, related licenses, and certifications. The new section is fully responsive and can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Interest Assessment

CareerOneStop’s Interest Assessment, originally released on GetMyFuture.org, is now available on CareerOneStop.org. B ased on O*NET’s   Mini Interest Profiler  (a shorter version of the  O*NET Interest Profiler on My Next Move,  which is also based on Holland’s theory), CareerOneStop’s Interest Assessment asks 30 quick questions and matches users interests to careers that might be a good fit. From there, users can learn details such as a career’s outlook, average pay, and the typical education needed to work in that field.

Resume Guide

CareerOneStop’s Resume Guide has been updated and is not fully mobile responsive.