How do I stay eligible?

How do I stay eligible?

How Do I Stay Eligible?

See if you meet your state’s requirements to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

Several states have announced they will “opt out” of extended federal unemployment benefits as early as June 2021. This applies to the extra $300 that is currently being added to state-level benefits through September 6, 2021. If your state opts out of this program, you can still receive your state-level benefits as long as you remain eligible. See your state’s unemployment insurance program for specific information.

The opt-out might also apply to unemployment benefits for self-employed or gig workers under the special program called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. See your state’s unemployment insurance program for updated information about self-employed and gig workers.

You can find details of your own state’s program by selecting your state in the box below, but most states require the following:

  • File weekly or biweekly claims, usually by mail or phone.
  • Report any earnings from work you had during the week(s). States have different rules for how much money you can earn while receiving benefits.
  • Report any job offers or job offers you decline during the week.
  • If requested, report to your local Unemployment Insurance claims office or American Job Center on the scheduled day and time. Benefits may be denied for those who do not attend. 
  • Some states require registration for work with the State Employment Service, so it can assist you in finding employment.

You will find help in your job search at your local American Job Center/Employment Service Office. They have a variety of services free of charge. Staff there can:

  • Refer you to job openings in your area, or in other areas if you plan to relocate.
  • Help with resume writing, interview practice, and other job search activities.
  • Refer you to training programs.
  • Some Centers offer testing and counseling to help you explore new careers.
  • Connect you with rehabilitation and community services for other needs that impact your job search.