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Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Employees who match the diversity of your market increase your hiring options and contribute to productivity and innovation. Find legal guidance and incentives for hiring employees with specific characteristics.


Veterans bring skills and experience needed in civilian jobs—and as an employer, you may qualify for a tax credit when you hire a qualified veteran.


Child labor laws specify minimum wages, hours, and other workplace requirements that apply to youth workers.

Workers with Disabilities

Learn about the benefits to your bottom line or the laws, including the ADA, that apply to hiring workers with disabilities.

Older Workers

Learn more about the benefits older workers bring, and tap into the latest trends in recruiting, training and development, phased retirement, and more.

Foreign Nationals

To hire a foreign worker, employers must apply for certification directly from the U.S. Department of Labor. Learn about the Foreign Labor Certification Program.

Justice-Involved Workers

Learn about programs and incentives that help both ex-offenders and the businesses that hire them succeed.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

WOTC is available to employers hiring groups that have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.