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Interview and Hire

From reviewing resumes to completing required paperwork, essential strategies for getting the right employees on board.

Select and Pre-Screen

Make sure only the best candidates get an in-person interview. Tips for reviewing resumes and effectively screening applicants.

Interviews That Get Results

Successful interviewing requires thinking ahead. Tips and strategies for planning and conducting effective interviews.

Effective Interview Questions

Don’t conduct an interview without getting the facts you need. Open-ended questions that yield useful, actionable information.

Illegal Interview Questions

Questions that discriminate can get your company in trouble. Illegal questions you should never ask during interviews.


When used properly, employee testing results in better hiring and talent management. Learn assessment best practices.

Decide on a Candidate

Before making a hiring decision, carefully review the information you’ve gathered. How to do a post-interview analysis.

Negotiate an Offer

Know the elements that make a job offer effective. Explore ideas to “negotiate on a budget” for attractive features that cost little.


Make your new employee’s first year on the job as successful as possible. Plan your onboarding strategy based on best practices.

Legal Hiring Issues

For hiring and beyond, a grasp of legal basics is essential. A quick-reference guide to employment law, IRS requirements, and more.