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Connect to Professional Associations

Connect to Professional Associations

Professional associations can be a great source of applicants, since they typically post job opportunities for their members. In addition, association members are usually committed to excellence in their field.

Finding and using association websites

The vast majority of associations will have at least one website, so begin your recruiting process there. Steps for getting started:

  1. Find Professional Associations with this easy-to-use finder tool. Search by organization, occupation, or industry.
  2. On the results page, you can refine your search further by occupation or industry. You can also view the number of records in each category.
  3. Once you’ve identified an association, click the link to visit the association’s website. You can also copy and paste several association names and links for later reference.
  4. At the association’s website, look for an option like Jobs, Job Bank, Careers, etc. Many sites will also have links to regional affiliates if you want to search locally.
  5. Follow the association’s guidelines for posting jobs and reviewing resumes. You can also explore the association’s social media links for more recruiting options.

For help with recruiting and other workforce issues, contact your local American Job Center to connect with a Business Services Representative or other resource.

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