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Where to Find Candidates

Knowing where—and how—to search for the right talent is key. One or many of the options below may be right for your business.

American Job Centers

Find Business Services Representatives and resources to help you meet your recruitment goals.

Understand the Labor Pool

Expand your set of talent search sources using the wide variety of options available to your business.

Post a Job

Reach a large share of qualified candidates in your area through free public job banks.

Social Media

Learn how social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you find and recruit the right talent.

Job Fairs

Learn how to host or connect to a job fair in your community, industry or area of interest to meet your workforce needs.

Local Schools and Training Programs

Connect with your local community colleges, universities, and short-term training programs to find the most qualified workers.

Connect to Professional Associations

Professional associations are a great source for finding qualified candidates. Learn why and how to connect to national organizations.

Hire a Vet

Find out how to search for the right veteran candidate for your job opening.