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3.6 Seeking and Developing Opportunities

  • 3.6.1 Maintaining Perspective
    • Appreciate that the engineer can also think in a forward-looking problem avoidance and opportunity-seeking mode.
    • Incorporate the results of risk analysis as a driver for problem solving and risk mitigation in developing new opportunities.
    • Recognize that everyone plays a part in the development of opportunities for their organization, even indirectly by providing good service to clients and producing quality products.
  • 3.6.2 Marketing
    • Be aware of potential clients/stakeholders and their wants and needs.
    • Uphold the organization through building and maintaining client/stakeholder relationships.
    • Share potential client/stakeholder information and product/service ideas with appropriate individuals in your organization.
    • Assist members of your organization with developing product/service ideas, building new relationships with potential clients/stakeholders, and making sales and securing contracts.
    • Look for unmet needs, poorly-served clients, suboptimal performance, and under-utilized resources and view them as opportunities for the organization.
    • Formulate ideas on how to pursue opportunities and share them with appropriate personnel.