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3.6 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Applying creative-thinking skills to solve problems by generating, evaluating, and implementing solutions.

  • 3.6.1 Identify the problem
    • Anticipate or recognize the existence of a problem
    • Define the problem
    • Locate and obtain all information relevant to the problem
    • Identify potential causes of the problem by analyzing its component parts
    • Recall previously learned information that is relevant to the problem
    • Communicate the problem to appropriate personnel
  • 3.6.2 Seeing the big picture
    • Understand the pieces of a system as a whole and appreciates the consequences of actions on other parts of the system
    • Monitor patterns and trends to see a bigger picture
    • Modify or design systems to improve performance
  • 3.6.3 Generate innovative solutions
    • Think creatively to generate a variety of approaches to the problem
    • Integrate seemingly unrelated information to develop creative solutions
    • Develop innovative methods of obtaining or using resources when insufficient resources are available
  • 3.6.4 Choose a solution
    • Decisively choose the best solution after contemplating available approaches to the problem
    • Make difficult decisions even in highly ambiguous or ill-defined situations
    • Quickly choose an effective solution without assistance when appropriate
  • 3.6.5 Implement the solution
    • Commit to a solution in a timely manner
    • Develop a realistic approach for implementing the chosen solution
    • Use strategies, tools, resources, and equipment to implement the solution
    • Observe and evaluate the outcomes of implementing the solution to assess the need for alternative approaches and to identify lessons learned