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3.7 Checking, Examining, and Recording

Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/digital format.

  • 3.7.1 Obtaining data and information
    • Apply systematic techniques for observing and gathering data and information
    • Obtain appropriate information, signatures, and approvals promptly
    • Verify that all information is present and accurate before forwarding materials
  • 3.7.2 Detecting errors
    • Detect and correct errors or inconsistencies, even under time pressure
    • Identify vague or ambiguous documentation
    • Route errors to appropriate person to correct documentation
  • 3.7.3 Completing forms
    • Select and complete appropriate forms quickly and completely
    • Forward or process forms in a timely and accurate manner
    • Expedite forms, orders, or advances that require immediate attention
    • Attend to and follow through on important items requiring action
  • 3.7.4 Maintaining logs, records, and files
    • Keep logs, records, and files that are up-to-date and readily accessible (e.g., driver logs, flight records, repair records) in accordance with organization's requirements
    • Update logs, records, and files, noting important changes