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4.4 Operations and Maintenance

The setup, operation, control, maintenance and improvement of technology that supports production to meet client requirements.

  • 4.4.1 Identify, during the planning and design of a system or works, the likely operation and maintenance requirements.
    • 4.4.2 Develop standard operating procedures and methods for the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of engineered systems and works.
      • 4.4.3 Develop standards for maintenance that provide the greatest reliability of engineered systems and works given the scarce and limited resources that are available.
        • 4.4.4 Gather and analyze information to enable the cost-effective allocation of resources that are available for maintenance to provide the highest levels of safety and reliability of engineered systems and works.
          • 4.4.5 Identify and organize training necessary for technicians, supervisors, and workers so the organization has the capacity to effectively operate and maintain engineered systems and works.
            • 4.4.6 Create and maintain the policies and procedures for the planning, organization, supervision, and management of the maintenance and operation of engineered systems and works.
              • 4.4.7 Analyze the pros and cons of alternative operation and maintenance methods and select one.
                Knowledge Areas

                • 4.4.8 Contracts
                  • 4.4.9 Material and resource management
                    • 4.4.10 Operator training
                      • 4.4.11 Personnel management methods
                        • 4.4.12 Project lifecycle
                          • 4.4.13 Project management tools and techniques