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4.3 Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Maintain and optimize technology in support of process or manufacturing equipment and systems.

Critical Work Functions

  • 4.3.1 Support the installation, customization, or upgrading of equipment
    • 4.3.2 Utilize predictive maintenance techniques
      • 4.3.3 Apply preventive maintenance to ensure production or industrial process runs smoothly
        • 4.3.4 Identify, diagnose, and/or repair equipment problems
          • 4.3.5 Communicate with others to ensure maintenance and repairs meet operational needs
            • 4.3.6 Maintain hands-on knowledge of equipment operations
              • 4.3.7 Maintain equipment, tools, systems, and workstations
                • 4.3.8 Understand maintenance impact on critical operations
                  Technical Content Areas

                  • 4.3.9 General skills
                    • Basic disassembly/assembly skills
                    • Installation and calibration of instrumentation
                    • Design and document equipment/system/process improvements
                    • Equipment/system/process troubleshooting
                    • Installation of parts for industrial equipment
                    • Schematic drawings, models, and control documents
                    • Use of hardware and software tools
                  • 4.3.10 Maintenance, installation, and repair skills (including but not limited to a basic knowledge of)
                    • Networking and communications systems
                    • Programmable/configurable systems
                    • Electrical/electronic systems
                    • Hydraulic/pneumatic systems
                    • Mechanical power transmission systems
                    • Mechanical systems
                    • Piping operations and equipment installation best practices
                  • 4.3.11 Reliability and maintainability
                    • Analysis of failure data
                    • Root cause analysis
                    • Basic reliability models
                    • Documentation requirements
                    • Investigative techniques
                    • Alarm and event analysis