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4.5 Process and Equipment Health, Safety, and Environment

Equipment, practices, and procedures which promote a healthy and safe work environment.

Critical Work Functions

  • 4.5.1 Ensure that equipment is being used safely
    • 4.5.2 Comply with local, federal and company health, safety, and environmental regulations
      • 4.5.3 Identify unsafe or insecure conditions and take corrective action
        • 4.5.4 Conduct health, safety, and/or environmental incident and hazard investigations
          • 4.5.5 Conduct preventive health, safety, and/or environmental incident and hazard inspections
            • 4.5.6 Implement continuous improvement in health, safety, and/or environmental practices
              Technical Content Areas

              • 4.5.7 Continuous improvement in health, safety, and environment
                • Analysis of health/safety/environmental data
                • Identification of projects and priorities
                • Root cause analysis
              • 4.5.8 Environmental protection/waste management
                • Chemical hazard assessment
                • Design to minimize environmental impact
              • 4.5.9 Investigations for health, safety, or environmental incidences/hazards
                • Developing corrective actions
                • Documentation of findings
                • Follow-up investigation
                • Insurance (property)
                • Violations reports to proper authorities
                • Workers' compensation
              • 4.5.10 Regulations
                • Hazardous Material Communication (HAZCOM)
                • Hazardous Material Handling and Disposal (HAZMAT)
                • Hazardous Material Information System Labeling and Storage (HMIS)
                • Regulations governing safe use of equipment
                • Role of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) or other appropriate regulatory bodies in the workplace (US only)
                • Trade Compliance Center, Department of Commerce (US only)
              • 4.5.11 Safety procedures
                • Confined spaces
                • First aid or first response procedures
                • Assessing material, equipment, and fixtures for hazards
                • Lock/tag out practices
                • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
                • Safe evacuation of facility
                • Safe moving of materials
                • Safe, prescribed operation of equipment and tools
                • Use, maintenance, and inspection of machine safeguards
                • Use of safety equipment