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5.7 Performance Management and Decision Support

The knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to understand the purpose and implement the function of Data Analytics principles in operational technology, including tools and systems. Analyze and understand the results.

Critical Work Functions

  • 5.7.1 Identify and develop variables to measure for key performance indicators (KPI)
    • 5.7.2 Identify and develop variables to measure Real-time Accounting (RTA)
      • 5.7.3 Understand the difference between Transactional and Real-time data
        • 5.7.4 Validate and assure data collection accuracy
          • 5.7.5 Manage master data dictionaries
            • 5.7.6 Perform data historian duties: collection, archiving, retrieval
              • 5.7.7 Integrate real-time data with enterprise systems
                • 5.7.8 Apply Manufacturing Operations Management systems (MOM)
                  • 5.7.9 Define and generate reports based upon the automation system data for the organization
                    Technical Content Areas

                    • 5.7.10 Manufacturing operations management (MOM) and business integration
                      • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
                      • Detailed production scheduling
                      • Integration with business planning and logistics
                      • Level 3 equipment hierarchy
                      • Level 3-4 boundary
                      • Other manufacturing activities
                      • Production operations management
                      • Enterprise asset management
                    • 5.7.11 Data management
                      • Data documentation
                      • Data contextualization (online/offline)
                      • Data modeling (UML, Entity Relation)
                      • Data quality issues
                      • Data security
                      • Data storage and retrieval
                      • Database operations and maintenance
                      • Database software
                      • Database structure and types
                      • Special requirements of real-time process databases
                    • 5.7.12 Data Analytics
                      • Statistical analysis algorithms and tools
                      • Data visualization, presentation, and reporting
                      • Optimization
                      • Spreadsheet analytics
                      • Correlation across multiple data sources
                      • Dynamic compensation of continuous process inputs for synchronization with process outputs
                    • 5.7.13 Standards
                      • IEC 62264- Enterprise Control System Integration