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      We found 3002 certification(s) from 747 organization(s) for Adapted Physical Education Specialists.

      Certification Name Certifying Organization Type
      Accredited in Business Valuation American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Advanced
      Accredited Insurance Examiner Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society Core
      Accredited Land Consultant National Association of Realtors Core
      Accredited Management Accountant American Academy of Financial Management Advanced
      Accredited Marine Surveyor Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors Specialty
      Accredited Member of AIFD American Institute of Floral Designers Specialty
      Accredited Mortgage Professional Mortgage Bankers Association of America Core
      Accredited Pension Administrator National Institute of Pension Administrators Core
      Accredited Pension Representative National Institute of Pension Administrators Advanced
      Accredited Retirement Advisor Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation Core
      In Demand
      In-demand certification.
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      Accredited by ANSI.
      This certification is accredited by ANSI.
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      Third-party industry-endorsed.
      This certification is third-party industry-endorsed.
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      Related to Job Corps training programs.
      This certification is related to Job Corps training programs. Read more.
      Military Occupations.
      This certification is related to military occupational specialties.
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      Accredited by NCCA.
      This certification is accredited by NCCA.
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