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More than 16,000 public users rated more than 600 online job and career tools in the U.S. Department of Labor's Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge.

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Career Planning Tools

Career Planning Tools (e.g. ladders, transition tools, etc.) focus on individuals who are switching careers, upgrading skills, or entering the workforce. Career tools can include resume writing tools, career readiness sites, and career guides.

The tool descriptions below were provided by the tool vendors. Descriptions do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Labor or any of its grantees or contractors. CareerOneStop is not responsible for ensuring the content provided by the tool vendors is complete or entirely factual. These tools were recommended by the public and the Department of Labor does not formally endorse any online job tool.

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1. Getting America Back to Work Portal - (
CompTIA's Getting America Back to Work Portal is designed to help OneStop staff assist job seekers with adequate technical aptitude gain the training and industry certifications required for IT employment opportunities. Our integrated solution provides workforce professionals and job seekers with all the tools they need to Assess, Train, Certify, and Place someone in an entry or mid-level IT job opening in your Region.

The target audience includes all OneStop staff and job seekers interested in finding employment in one of the >450,000 IT job openings across the country, many of which require the skills that are tested through CompTIA's certifications.

Our job placement tool is national in scope and links a job seeker to IT job opportunities that require skills covered by their recently acquired CompTIA certification, and, to the zip code/s where they want to find work.

Alaska Career Ladder - (
The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development's Research and Analysis Section recently developed a new online, electronic tool called the Alaska Career Ladder. This new tool was designed to help educators, school and career counselors, and job placement specialists identify the best pathways to help students and job seekers achieve their career goals. The needs of individuals and businesses were also kept in mind. Individuals can use the career ladder to independently explore and develop their own career pathways. Businesses can identify previously overlooked occupations that may provide potential recruits for hard to fill positions. Alaska's Career Ladder improves on previous career ladders because, unlike those career ladders, it's backed by a study of the actual occupation-to-occupation changes that Alaska workers made over a six-year period.

Ask The Headhunter - (
Companies need to hire people who will help produce profit. No job hunting tool in America matches people to companies on this criterion.

This is why Ask The Headhunter is one of the top 3 "Google results" on a search for "headhunter." Ask The Headhunter is where savvy job hunters (and employers) turn for advice -- pure advice, no job boards -- about how to use a top headhunter's methods to match workers and employers profitably. It's the community people join to talk shop and about producing profit.

Guess what? It's hard work. No data bases. Motivation, smarts, persistence and proof you can do the work profitably so an employer will hire you. That's what Ask The Headhunter has been teaching online for 15 years. American business has its head so buried in jobs and resumes databases that PEOPLE are now lost in the system.

Today in America, job hunting and hiring are done in the style of the "drive-by shooting." Data bases, not people, spit out "matches" of "key words," resulting in a feeding frenzy of inaccurate and fabricated information about people and jobs. (An entire industry has sprouted up to help people game this new employment system which is broken beyond repair.) Is it any wonder that with all the unemployed talent on the street, companies cry that they cannot find good hires? Is it any wonder that fills only about 2% of any company's jobs -- while personal contacts are the source of 40%-60% of all hires? Dumb databases are not doing the job in America.

American workers have forgotten that what matters most is the ability to walk into a company and demonstrate, hands down, how you will add profit to the bottom line.

Ask The Headhunter is based on a leading headhunter's methods of matching workers to employers. Headhunter Nick Corcodilos teaches job hunters to pick their target companies carefully, to use a business plan instead of a resume, and to walk into the interview and show a manager how they will contribute to the bottom line.

This "tool" is words. It is advice. It is guidance. Management guru Tom Peters calls Ask The Headhunter "A radical approach to help job hunters win job offers and a powerful hiring tool for employers... Nick Corcodilos shreds some of our most basic assumptions about the way to hire top people - or to get hired."

Since 1995 Nick has answered over 30,000 questions online from his readers. features hundreds of free articles about which job hunters like Ray Stoddard say, "The great news about your recommendations is that they work. The good news for those of us who use them is that few people are really willing to implement what you recommend, giving those of us who do an edge."

Ask The Headhunter comprises several tools:

1. The website:, which features hundreds of free articles that teach people to win a job by showing how they will do the job.
2. The blog:, where job hunters gather to explore and discuss the toughest in-your-face questions about job hunting and hiring.
3. The free weekly newsletter, now 7 years old, which features Q&A topics about today's issues in job hunting.
4. e-books including "How to Work with Headhunters" and "How Can I Change Careers?"

Nothing is automated. Ask The Headhunter requires people to bring their brains so they can learn how to get to work by offering value to an employer. There are no shortcuts. For a brief introduction, see - A Talent Community - (
BrightFuse is a professional community where people share tips and ideas to advance their careers.

It's simple: Create your free profile. Interact with the community. Build a professional reputation.

Here's what a few of our members have to say about BrightFuse:

"The BrightFuse community has a unique feel: it is filled with down-to-earth people who are willing to help each other through personal and professional improvement." -Alejandro, Washington

"Overall, I'm just totally impressed by how much and how many people have been helped."
-Robert, North Carolina

"This is my professional community...I have learned so many things and hope to have helped others as well. It's great to be a part of the community!" -Roseanna, California

Building the Looking-Glass Résumé Book - (
Learn to create the reflection that helps you get the interview. In these highly competitive times, you must have a résumé that is a personal reflection of who you are. Building the Looking-Glass Résumé book provides you with the Jaazle Résumé Template, a step-by-step approach with easy-to-follow instructions to help you build an effective and powerful résumé that is your personal reflection. The book includes solutions to the most difficult résumé concerns, questions, and technical issues, including résumé examples.

Career Advice for Young Professionals - (
10GoodMinutes is a weekly series of 10-minute interviews that provides career strategies and advice to young professionals. Each episode features a different perspective ' 10GoodMinutes is more than just career talk; it is advice, tips and resources you can use.

Career Decision-Making System (CDM) - (
Published by Pearson--call 800-627-7271 for a free trial of the CDMInternet
Authors: Arthur O'Shea, Ph. D. and Rich Feller, Ph.D.
Internet administration, detailed individualized interpretive report accessible at any time, videos, complete job descriptions with wage and outlook information.

Help discover your career self, choose a career, choose a college, find job openings, write resume, develop interview skills Award winning assessment: 2002 from The Association for Assessment in Counseling (American Counseling Association. RIASEC-based system; English and Spanish paper editions; Internet edition Provides most up-to-date education and workforce information

Career Directors International: Job Seeker Resource Section - (
CDI is a global association of career professionals from resume writers, career coaches and career counselors to HR professionals and recruiters. Together, these career industry experts have assembled valuable, free resources for job seekers who are currently seeking their new position or simply looking to manage and enhance their careers.

Resources include informative articles, videos, audio podcasts, ebooks, Twitter tip stream, and announcement of local live (and free events) such as presentations and resume critiques.

Topics encompass: resume/CV and cover letter writing, job search, interviewing, salary negotiation, personal branding, international employment, career management, career change and transition, professional references, career assessment, and military transition. There are also award-winning resume samples.

These dynamic and value-added resources are updated and added to frequently.

Career Ready 101 - (  *
A comprehensive career training course that helps design itself based on available resources! It is an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements, building workplace skills using KeyTrain®, and creating life-literacy with such skills as financial awareness and job searching.

Career Ready 101 - (
A comprehensive career training course that helps design itself based on available resources! It is an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements, building workplace skills using KeyTrain®, and creating life-literacy with such skills as financial awareness and job searching. Of course the program leads users to certification with WorkKeys® assessments and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). It's a powerful way to build self-esteem, provide real credentials, and simply set students up for success.

Career Ready 101 and KeyTrain are used across the country to skill up our nation's workforce.