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Career Exploration Tools

These career exploration websites focus on career exploration including but not limited to occupational exploration, occupational assessment tests, career coaching, industry exploration, and counseling services.

The tool descriptions below were provided by the tool vendors. Descriptions do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Labor or any of its grantees or contractors. CareerOneStop is not responsible for ensuring the content provided by the tool vendors is complete or entirely factual. These tools were recommended by the public and the Department of Labor does not formally endorse any online job tool.

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123456 Job Searching - ( Job Search guide includes career and job search advice, job listings, job search engines, resume writing, cover letters, job search letters, job banks, interviewing, unemployment, references, and job search tips and techniques.

ASVAB Career Exploration Program - (  *
The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is a tool designed to help 10th, 11th, 12th grade and postsecondary students make career decisions. This free program includes the world's most widely used multi-aptitude test battery and an interest inventory.

Bio-1's Career Portal - (
This site is the online version of Bio-1's Get Growing Career Paths brochure, which was developed in partnership with industry. On the site, the six job families of the bioscience industry are broken down into job groups. Across the job families, there are hundreds of example jobs, with education requirements and potential salary ranges, and within each job family, there are videos of real people who work in some of the jobs. For educators, a teacher-developed curriculum ties all of the information together in several well-documented modules that can be used right away.

This site offers a comprehensive Myers-Briggs Personality Type Assessment Tool called DO WHAT YOU ARE, excellent career ideas for non-traditional careers, career trends, etc. in its EXPLORER section, and data driven comprehensive career information under its PLANNER section. Our High School Guidance office has used this product with all of our students for about 10 years now and it keeps improving each year. We love that each student can set up their own portfolio & access it from the Internet, so they can use it not only at school, but at home as well.

California Labor Market Info Career Information - (
Steps to the Best Career for You!

How do you find the right career for you? Step'by'step...
STEP 1 - Self-Assessment
What are your interests - what you like and don't like? What are your skills?

STEP 2 - Time for a California Reality Check
How much money do you need to make to maintain your lifestyle? Can you afford the new Mustang or need to get a used car?

STEP 3 - Explore your Career Options

California Occupational Guides - Now with Local Information - Job description and requirements, job outlook, benefits and wages, licensing, education, training, links to possible employers, how to find a job, and links to additional resources.

Keyword Search

Topic Search:
Top paying jobs
Jobs with the most openings
Fastest-growing occupations
What jobs match your interests?
Jobs by training/education needed

STEP 4 - Get Ready for the Job
Now that you know your career goal what do you need to get the job? Do you need Training or an Apprenticeship? License? Résumé Tips?

STEP 5 - Find the Job
See the Job Search Tools on the right.

California Occupational Guides - (
Explore your Career Options

California Occupational Guides - with State and Local Information - brings together dynamically updated labor market information for the occupations with the most opportunities in California: Job description and requirements, job outlook, benefits and wages, licensing, education, training, links to possible employers, how to find a job, and links to additional resources.

Each Occupational Guide is available online in both a summary and detailed format, as well as offering a printable format.

Search by Keyword or by a variety of topics including:

Top paying jobs
with the most openings
Fastest-growing occupations
What jobs match your interests?
Jobs by training/education needed

Career Clues - (
Career was developed with VETEA funds by the California Community College Chancellor's Office, Career Advisory Group. This web based career exploration tool uses short informational videos regarding Searching for Direction (assessment), Searching for College Major (ties to the world of work and college major, Searching for Experience (Volunteer and Internships), Searching for a Job (Job Acquisition Skills). Each session has reflection worksheets at the top of the page for the individuals to crystallize their career ideas into practice.

Career Cruising - The Complete Guidance System - (
Career Cruising ( is an industry-leading online career guidance and planning system. People of all ages use our tools to find the right career, explore education and training options, and build their own portfolio.

Career Cruising has been designed with one goal in mind: to help your clients plan their future. With exceptional assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information, users move seamlessly through the career exploration and planning process. Our powerful portfolio system helps users make concrete, long-term plans and document their work and educational experience, and gives you access to the real-time information and statistics you need to track your clients' progress and achievements.

Career advisors and administrators have access to powerful and unique reporting tools designed to measure users' progress, track usage and identify intervention opportunities. Advisors can also choose from an array of customization options designed to tailor Career Cruising to meet the needs of their staff and clients.

Please visit us at for more information, to request a free trial, or to learn about our add-on modules including Network, an online platform that brings together education and industry to help students achieve their goals and address communities' workforce development needs.

Career Selection Tools - (
CTI Careers offers a wide range of tools for helping people select a career. These include:

1. - provides over info on hundreds of different careers, and can be used to access pages with detailed info on each individual career.

m/career-stories - the site has thousands of profiles filled out by real working people that provide the real story of what a particular career is like.

3. - integrated into the overall site experience are videos provided by the US government that provide a visual representation and narrative about different careers. These are best accessed from the pages listed in item 1 above since most people will only want to see the video for the career that interests them, but all the videos are listed on this page.

Career Selection Tools - (
Rich data on hundreds of careers, including:

* Detailed profiles of each career
* Thousands of detailed career profiles written by people working in those careers
* Videos showing working conditions for more than 200 careers
* A news feed detailing what's hot in careers and education
* Profiles on schools that offer related training options