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More than 16,000 public users rated more than 600 online job and career tools in the U.S. Department of Labor's Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge.

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Other Job and Career Tools

Other job matching and career advancement tools are tools that do not fit in any of the prior categories. Such tools include interview preparation tools, labor market information, training grants, ESL online tools, and other items.

The tool descriptions below were provided by the tool vendors. Descriptions do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Labor or any of its grantees or contractors. CareerOneStop is not responsible for ensuring the content provided by the tool vendors is complete or entirely factual. These tools were recommended by the public and the Department of Labor does not formally endorse any online job tool.

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100 Tools - (
Here is a list of job search and career/professional development tools I have bookmarked and refer to frequently when asked about tools. I have clicked into/heard positive assessments of about 25% of them, so I'm offering the list here. It's a little dated, but I find a trusted source of information. Dozens of more recent articles offer a narrower focus on searching for specific jobs.

30 Second Training Videos by TimOwens.Com - (
30 second computer training videos are fun, quick, and easy!

Computer training videos should not be long in duration and boring. No one likes boring and no enjoys remembers anything. TimOwens.Com training videos last only 30 seconds. Everyone loves the quick and easy! Use them for brand new users and use them as "quick reference" for experienced users. Fun and easy! - (  *
ALISON is a leading provider of Free Online Interactive Skills Training for the US Workforce. It provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning to learners across every state in the nation. All courses on ALISON are free for individual learners, and teachers and tutors enjoy free access to manage groups of learners via the open Learning Management System made available for the majority of course.

Bauer Consulting Group, Inc. | Search Consultant - (
Bauer Consulting Group, Inc. is a Search Consulting firm working with the Best Companies when they have a critical need for talent. Our website: has information to assist Job Seekers in finding a position, Interview tips, and tips on how to write and improve their Resume.

Career Directors International - (  *
CDI members are career professionals from all walks of life and experience, which include: professional resume writers, job developers, recruiters, career coaches, career counselors, assessment specialists, HR professionals, and more. Many are in private practice, local job centers, or University career centers near you. - (
The Career Fitness System gives you everything you need to strengthen your career for today's challenging workplace. It is a revolutionary new way of looking at work and a regimen of daily, weekly and monthly activities that will help you increase both the paycheck and the satisfaction you bring home from work. brings The Career Fitness System online. It provides:
'The full regimen of career strengthening activities presented in Peter Weddle's book, Work Strong.
' An electronic career agent that acts as your personal online mentor and assistant;
' A trophy case to memorialize your 'career victories' at work;
' A professional networking tool;
' A resume builder;
' A personal locker where you can store all of your career related materials online;
' And much, much more. Career Exploration and Information Links - (
A variety of up to date career related links for those who are unemployed, employed but unsatisfied (career changers), college students, minorities, and veterans.

Checkster - Talent Checkup - (
Checkster's Talent Checkup is an online system to request constructive, confidential feedback on your work performance - from the peers and colleagues that know you and your talents best. This is the same 360 Degree Feedback process used by many executive teams.
By making this process available to you free of charge (for the standard version), Checkster makes it possible for you to use it to discover your strengths and promotable qualities. With this feedback, you can boost your career - taking it to the next level of promotion and satisfaction. The results are delivered online and ready to use in minutes.
How Checkster Can Help You:
1. Differentiate your application (attach a Checkster Report to prove your performance)
2. Make each email a promotion for you (put a link to your Report in your signature)
3. Boost your Linkedin recommendations (supplement them with Checkster a tool really used by employers)
4. Substantiate your cover letter (include quotes from your colleagues on your achievements)
5. Convince interviewers (transform your answers from an unsubstantiated sales pitch to an endorsement from colleagues)

Claimant Remployment Summary Report - (
This report was designed to be used by WorkSource Center claimant reemployment staff when working with Unemployment Insurance claimants. WorkSource staff can print and give this report to claimants so that claimants leave with useful labor market information about their specific occupation, in a short, easy to use format.

Contact eConnect- Command center software for career development - (
Connecting with employers, job seekers, staff, and training providers has never been easier! With Contact eConnect you can manage your data intake, follow-up, servicing, training, and reporting needs. Through the use of Contact forms you can connect with job seekers, employers, staff, and educators, managing your career development process. Each electronic contact form can be coded to streamline the information gathered, and specific actions can be automatically generated based on the information selected, whether it's forwarding a form to a particular person, or putting the individual in a list for services.

With Contact eConnect, you can:
' Get targeted information from your job seeking clients to help you better service their needs. Every item responded to becomes a demographic capture for data.
' Streamline communication between clients and staff.
' Make more effective use of staff ' automating follow-up
' Ask anything in the form of a question or survey
' Reach out to clients on the web or at a work station
' Gather contact information and identify the job flow and workflow activities to progress the client through workforce development, career development, or the job placement process.
' Wrap any services or resources that need to be provided to the client around the contact form with structured follow-up.
' Customize Contact Forms to your needs.

Visit the website to demo a standard contact form for basic job seeker registration. See the possibilities for measuring and facilitating connections between your clients, staff, employers, agencies, volunteers, etc.