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Job Finder Help

Job Finder Help

Learn more about the Job Finder.

What does this tool do?

The Job Finder lets you search thousands of job listings from all over the United States that are updated daily.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply enter a keyword or keywords for the type of job you are interested in. To see only jobs in a certain location, enter a city and state, state only, or ZIP code. Then click ‘Search” to see your results.

Where do the job postings come from?

CareerOneStop uses two sources for job postings. You can select the source you’d like to view by clicking on the box next to “Source” and selecting one of the job posting sources. Current sources include:

Please note that ZipRecruiter may not have the same requirements for job postings as NLx; some of the job postings you find on that job bank may be duplicates and some may not be for existing job openings. Also note that you may be required to register in order to apply for a position.

For information about displaying any of this data on your own website, please visit CareerOneStop's Web API.

What if I’m looking for a work-from-home job?

You can search for jobs that don’t require you to commute or be onsite every day. From your list of results, select "Remote Jobs Only" under "Filter By". This will narrow your list of jobs to only those that include "remote" in the title and/or job description. Some may require you to be onsite some of the time, so be sure to read the description carefully.

How can I narrow my list of job postings?

Sometimes you may see too long a list of job postings. You can always narrow your list of results by using the “Filter by” section on the left-hand side of your results page.

  • Filter by remote jobs only. If you'd like a job that offers part-time or full-time work-from-home arrangements, select this filter to show only jobs that re most likely to offer work-from-home options. Note that not all of the job listings will offer the exact type of remote work you are looking for. Some may be a mix of remote and in-person. Others may be fully remote. Some may be included because the listing has the word “remote”, even though they do not actually offer a work-from-home option. Your list of results is a good starting point to begin your search for a work-from-home or virtual position.
  • Filter by company. If you’re interested in working for a particular company, click on the business name in the list—now you’ll only see job postings from that company. Click “undo” to go back to the full list.
  • Filter by location. You can also narrow your results by clicking on any location in this list. You’ll see only job postings for that location. Click “undo” to go back to the full list.
  • Filter by date posted. Use this list to filter the job postings by date—for instance click “1 Day Back” if you only want to see jobs posted in the past day. Click “undo” to go back to the full list.

How can I save my list of job postings?

You can download your list of job postings in Microsoft Excel or Word, or as a PDF or RTF file. Click the “Download” button at the bottom of any page of results. Please note that if you have a large set of results, you may not be able to download them all at once; each job posting source has a limit on the number of postings you can download at a time. If your list exceeds this limit you will asked if you want to download only your current page of results or if you want to download the maximum allowed (for NLx, the maximum is 500). If you want to download more than the maximum, you can adjust the number of postings displayed per page to match the maximum number allowed. Then you can each download each page of your results separately. Please note that you can only adjust the number of posting displayed per page on a computer; this feature is not available on a phone.

What if I’m not seeing any job postings that interest me?

If you want to review more job listings than are displayed, try one or more the following:

  • Try using different keywords. For example,
    • Search for “retail sales”, “sales associate”, “retail associate”, and “sales clerk”
    • Search for “LPN”, “L.P.N.”, “Licensed Practical Nurse”. Sometimes, the commonly used job title is “Licensed Vocational Nurse” so try that as well as “LVN” and “L.V.N".
    • Search for different spellings. For instance, “pipe fitter” and “pipefitter”; “drywall” and “dry wall”; “sheetrock” and “sheet rock”.
  • Drop one or more of your keywords. The results of each search will include every one of your keywords somewhere in the posting. The fewer words you use, the more postings will match your keywords.
  • Try related occupations. If your results have a list of “Related Occupations”on the left-hand side, try selecting on of them. You may find postings that match your search, but don’t happen to match the keywords you entered.
  • Change the location you entered. For instance, if you entered a city or ZIP code, try searching a whole state. Some job postings don’t correctly match with a city and may not show up in city- or ZIP-based searches.

How do I apply for a job?

Click on any job title to learn more or apply for any positions on your results list. You’ll find information including the hiring company's name and location, the date the job was posted, and the job description. This information comes directly from the original job posting. Click "Apply" to go directly to the hiring company’s website to apply.

How do I know a job posting is not a scam?

Although the job listings on CareerOneStop have been vetted by NLx, it is always possible that a scam can get posted. Criminals do sometimes post fake job openings so they can scam money from jobseekers. It should never cost you money upfront to apply for or accept a job. Here are some tips to avoid job scams:

  • Never provide credit card or other payment information to be considered for a job, or to begin “training” or to qualify for a job.
  • Never provide your Social Security Number to an employer online before they have hired you.
  • Employers should only ask for your bank account information in person after you have been hired. Do not provide this type of information online or before you have been hired.
  • Check Google Maps to see if the company has a “real” address.
  • Research the company’s website and social media accounts to find out if it's a real company. If you search for a company name and find more than one website, this might be a clue that a scammer is using another company's name illegally.
  • If you received an email describing the position, check the company’s website to make sure the sending email address is legitimate.
  • If you suspect someone is trying to scam you, report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 1-877-382-4357 or online at
  • Get more information about job scams from the Federal Trade Commission.

I have a criminal record. How do I know I can get hired?

More and more employers are willing to hire people with criminal backgrounds. But you can’t be sure that any specific employer will hire someone with a criminal record. The employers who post jobs on CareerOneStop have not been asked if they will hire workers with a record. However, you can do a lot to prove to an employer that you are a good candidate. Visit Who hires ex-offenders? to learn more.

I’m a veteran. Do you have any resources for me?

Yes! Please visit CareerOneStop’s Veterans ReEmployment for information and resources to help veterans and transitioning service members with employment, training, and financial issues. The site includes a special Veterans Job Search that matches military experience with civilian careers and job postings throughout the United States.

I'm an employer. How do I post job openings here?

CareerOneStop job listings come from NLx by the National Labor Exchange. Any employer may post jobs here. Learn more at Post a Job on CareerOneStop’s Business Center.