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Massage Therapist
License Description

Occupational Description

Massage Therapists engage in the physical, mechanical, or electrical manipulation of soft tissue for the therapeutic purposes of enhancing muscle relaxation, reducing stress, improving circulation, or instilling a greater sense of well-being. Massage therapy may include the use of oils, salt glows, heat lamps, and hydrotherapy.
Massage therapy shall not include diagnosis or treatment, or use of procedures for which a license to practice medicine, surgery, chiropractics, podiatry is required, nor the use of microwave diathermy, short wave diathermy, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electrical stimulation of over thirty-five volts, neurological hyperstimulation, or spinal or joint adjustments.

Licensure Requirements

Applicants must:
1. Present proof of graduation from an approved massage therapy school. Approved massage therapy school means:
A. One which is approved by the Board;
B. One which requires for admission a diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent;
C. One which has attached to its staff a regularly licensed physician and employs one or more competent Massage Therapists as instructors;
D. One which has a minimum requirement of a continuous course of study and training of not less than 1,000 hours distributed over a term of not less than nine months.
E. Such study and training shall consist of 100 hours of each of the following:
Hygiene & Practical Demonstration;
Health Service Management.
The remaining 300 hours shall be obtained in subject areas related to the clinical practice of massage therapy.
2. Pass an examination prescribed by the Board;

3. Provide satisfactory evidence that he or she is of good character;
4. Be at least 19 years of age;
5. Be either a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted into the United States who is eligible for a credential under the Uniform Credentialing Act, or a nonimmigrant who is lawfully present in the United States and who is eligible for a credential under the Uniform Credentialing Act.>h3>Fee Information
Initial License Examination- $110.00

Renewal Information

Renewal is required biennially by November 1 of odd-numbered years. The renewal fee is $110.00.
Twenty-four hours of continuing education are required biennially to qualify for renewal.
Licensing Agency
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Public Health, Licensure Unit
Office of Behavioral Health & Consumer Services
P.O. Box 94986, 301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln , NE 68509
(402) 224 2117
Active Status
Active Military/Veterans
A temporary license available to military and spouses until formal license approval
Continuing Education
Continuing education required
Criminal Record
No criminal record requirements
Specific course required
Third-party exam required
License Type
Stand-alone license
License Updated
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