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Information on licensed occupations is gathered in each state by Labor Market Information units under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.


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      License Description:
      A psychologist is an individual who holds a valid Wisconsin license under s. 455.04(1), Wis. Stats.

      The practice of psychology means rendering to any person for a fee a psychological service involving the application of principles, methods and procedures of understanding, predicting and influencing behavior, such as the principles pertaining to learning, perception, motivation, thinking, emotions and interpersonal relationships; the methods and procedures of interviewing; counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and biofeedback; and the methods and procedures of constructing, administering and interpreting tests of mental abilities, aptitudes, interests, attitudes, personality characteristics, emotion and motivation.
      Licensing Agency:
      WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
      Psychology Examining Board
      1400 E. Washington Ave., P.O. Box 8935
      Madison, WI 53708-8935
      (608) 266 2112