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Search more than 8,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities. You can:

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We found 36 awards.

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Affiliation Required - Association membership
Gender-specific - Female
Award Name Level Of Study Award Type Award
Women's Jewelry Association Member Grants
Organization: Women's Jewelry Association
Purpose: To provide educational assistance to students in the international jewelry, watch and related industries.
Professional Development Grant $500 January
American Association for Women in Community Colleges LEADERS
Organization: American Association for Women in Community Colleges
Purpose: To provide leadership development opportunities for women in Community Colleges across the country.

Gladys Anderson Emerson Scholarship
Organization: Iota Sigma Pi
Purpose: To provide financial support to a junior/senior college chemistry major who is an Iota Sigma Pi member.
Bachelor's Degree Prize
$2,000 February
Esther Edwards Graduate Scholarships
Organization: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
Purpose: To assist students from various backgrounds working towards various higher education degrees.
Graduate Degree
Professional Development
Scholarship $5,000 March
Friends of Mary Automotive Scholarship
Organization: Shoreline Community College Foundation
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to women who are taking automotive program.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
Anna C. Hume Scholarship
Organization: Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital Region
Purpose: To supplement the normal sources of financial aid.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $25,000 April
Barbara Rosenblum Cancer Dissertation Scholarships
Organization: Sociologists for Women in Society
Purpose: To encourage doctoral research on women's experience of breast cancer and other reproductive cancers.
Graduate Degree Fellowship
$2,500 April
Dorothea E. Allen Scholarship
Organization: Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital Region
Purpose: To assist current or former members of Girls Incorporated in enhancing their potentials and talents.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
J Frances Allen Scholarship Award
Organization: American Fisheries Society
Purpose: To provide funds for a female fisheries science PhD student whose research emphasis is in an area of fisheries science.
Graduate Degree Scholarship $2,500 April
Nancy Lorraine Jensen Memorial Scholarships
Organization: Sons of Norway Foundation
Purpose: To encourage young women to enter the field of science and engineering.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship