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We found 5,979 awards for Wells Fargo Scholarship.
Award Name Level Of Study Award Type Award
Wells Fargo Point Scholarship
Organization: Point Foundation
Purpose: To assist students in achieving a higher education degree to make a significant impact on the society no matter what gender preferences they have.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree

Wells Fargo Career Scholarship
Organization: University of Alaska Anchorage
Purpose: To provide financial assistance for tuition and other educational expenses to students who are interested in a career with Wells Fargo.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship

Wells Fargo American Indian Scholarship Program
Organization: American Indian Graduate Center
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to American Indian graduates in furthering their education.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Program
Organization: Scholarship America
Purpose: To help fill financial aid gaps for veterans and the spouses of disabled veterans, after military benefits and other grants and scholarships have been utilized.
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $5,000 February
HSF/Wells Fargo Scholarship Program
Organization: Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Purpose: To assist students of Hispanic heritage obtain a university degree.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
High School
Scholarship $500
Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities
Organization: Scholarship America
Purpose: To help people with disabilities obtain the education or training necessary to succeed in the career path of their choice.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $1,250
Fargo Supplier Diversity Scholarship
Organization: Pride Foundation
Purpose: To provide scholarship to the students who have been stigmatized, isolated or closeted because of sexual identity issues.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship

Donald M. Wells Scholarships
Organization: Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to those students who are in need.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
Jean Hess Wells Memorial Adelphe Scholarship
Organization: Kappa Kappa Gamma
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to students to complete their degree program.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $3,000 February
James A. Wells, Sr. Veterans Scholarship
Organization: Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC
Purpose: To honor her late father, attorney Cara Wells Stigger, of Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, has offered a scholarship for a U.S. Military Veteran, or to a spouse or child, of a Veteran living or deceased.
Bachelor's Degree
High School
Scholarship $1,000 May