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We found 412 awards for first ems.
Award Name Level Of Study Award Type Award
FIRST Operator Certification Awards
Organization: Flexographic Technical Association
Purpose: To assist individuals who desire to improve their skills in the pursuit of certification training.
Professional Development

BBPA First Generation Scholarships
Organization: Black Business and Professional Association
Purpose: To support students whose parents have not participated in post-secondary education studies.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship

NSBRI First Award Fellowships
Organization: National Space Biomedical Research Institute
Purpose: To support talented scientists in conducting space-related biomedical or biotechnological research.
Professional Development Fellowship

Sharemoney Women First Scholarship
Organization: Sharemoney
Purpose: To support women who are first or second generation immigrants pursuing higher education
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $4,000 October
Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarships
Organization: American Indian College Fund
Purpose: To provide financial assistance for students who are in need.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $5,000
The 2021 First Generation Scholarship
Organization: Godoy Law Office
Purpose: First-generation immigrants and their children face some of the toughest immigration standards in recent history. Immigrants struggle to get on their feet and to provide for their families, which is why we want to give back to first-generation immigrants or the child of a first-generation immigrant through The 2021 First Generation Scholarship. 

The team at Godoy Law Office is excited to share The 2021 First Generation Scholarship! We are passionate about helping immigrants and their families achieve the American dream, and our goal with this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to first generation U.S. college students that come from immigrant families.
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $1,000 October
Ken LaFountaine First Nations Scholarship
Organization: Shoreline Community College Foundation
Purpose: To provide First Nation students (indigenous to the Americas and associated territories) with financial assistance in times of need.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $500 April
Lowe Family First Summer Student Scholarship
Organization: Biological Station
University of Michigan

Purpose: To support individuals who wants to enhance their knowledge in the field of biology and related courses.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
Schools first Federal Credit Union Scholarship
Organization: Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation
Purpose: To encourage educational pursuits among Redlands Unified School District graduates by providing educational assistance.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $600 February
European Studies First Article Prize
Organization: Council for European Studies
Purpose: To honor the writers of the best first articles in European studies published within a two-year period.
Professional Development Prize $250 October