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Lullelia W. Harrison Scholarships in Counseling
Organization: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Purpose: To support students who are pursuing higher education.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $500
2022 Law School Scholarship
Organization: McCleery Law Firm
At McCleery Law Firm, we believe that the integrity of the American system of justice depends on meaningful access to liberty and justice for all not simply for those with greater financial resources.
As part of that mission, we believe it is our ethical and professional responsibility to identify individuals who are in need of skilled assistance in protecting these integral rights, and to support and encourage future generations of legal professionals in this important responsibility. While this may not be a full ride scholarship, we believe small law school grants and scholarships like these are valuable. They afford an opportunity for financial assistance and a start to a resume filled with accolades.
For this years scholarship contest, we are asking law students to submit an essay describing a meaningful volunteer experience and what you learned from it. Additionally, how will you apply to your future legal career?
Graduate Degree
Professional Development
Scholarship $1,500 December
Law School Scholarship
Organization: Black Wynn PLLC
Purpose: To provide a degree of assistance in tuition payments.
Graduate Degree Scholarship $1,000 February
Law School Scholarship
Organization: RJT Criminal Defense Lawyers
Purpose: To ease the road toward completion of a student's legal education.
Graduate Degree Scholarship $1,000 February
My Life As A Lawyer Scholarship
Organization: Corporate Counsel Women of Color
Purpose: To support law students with their educational pursuit.
Graduate Degree Scholarship
MCCA Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr. Scholarships
Organization: Minority Corporate Counsel Association
Purpose: To provide scholarship support for newly entering first year law students pursuing a Juris Doctor degree.
Graduate Degree Scholarship $10,000 July
CSCPA High School Scholarships
Organization: Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants
Purpose: To support high school seniors who plan to major in accounting at Colorado community colleges and Colorado colleges/universities.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $2,500 June
FCSLA High School Scholarships
Organization: First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association
Purpose: To assist young members of the association with their educational pursuits.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
High School
Scholarship $1,000 February
APC High School Scholarship
Organization: Advertising Production Club of New York
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to students studying Graphic Communications/ Arts courses.
Graduate Degree Scholarship

ASCPA High School Scholarships
Organization: Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants
Purpose: To support students pursuing an accounting degree.
Graduate Degree Scholarship $500