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Award Name Level Of Study Award Type Award
$5000 Imagine Scholarship
Organization: RSL Funding, LLC
Purpose: Imagine what you could do
RSL Funding, LLC is offering one lucky student a chance to win up to $5000 for school tuition during 2019. You can win RSL Fundings $5000 Imagine Scholarship by detailing a sound financial and investment plan youd utilize if you were awarded a structured settlement.
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Scholarship $5,000 December
Empathy for Animals (EFA) Scholarship Award
Organization: Pet Life Today
Purpose: This is a scholarship for veterinary students. We hope to raise awareness of animal cruelty and help future veterinary professionals reach their goals.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $500 December
Girls in STEM (GIS) Scholarship
Organization: Girls Who STEM
Purpose: This is a scholarship for students who plan to pursue a career in the field of STEM. We want to help build a world where every little girl can have access to STEM education, so they can reach their full potential and pursue a career in any STEM field.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $500 December
Tough Turtle Turf Scholarship
Organization: Tough Turtle Turf
Purpose: To invest in students who are in the environmental and/or water conservation industry.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $1,500 December
$1500 College Monk Short Essay Scholarship
Organization: The College Monk
Purpose: The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to high school graduating students or college students who are going to attend an accredited institution in the US.
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
High School
Professional Development
Scholarship $1,500 January
Student Entrepreneur Scholarship
Organization: Harvard Business Services, Inc.
Purpose: Our scholarship was created to help ambitious students chase their
dreams by providing a $1,000 award. We're looking for students with the
vision, drive, and brilliant idea that can generate the next great business.
Students with an existing company and a vision for growth are also
encouraged to apply.
Bachelor's Degree
High School
Scholarship $1,000 February
The Reedy National Creative Writing Scholarship
Organization: Reedsy
Purpose: The Reedsy National Creative Writing Scholarship is a $1,000 grant towards your studies. It rewards students who write the best first chapter of a novel.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $1,000 February
Buzzell, Welsh & Hill 2019 Scholarship Essay How Would You Reduce Automobile Accidents?
Organization: Buzzell, Welsh & Hill
Purpose: At Buzzell, Welsh & Hill, we know how difficult it can be to afford an education after high school. We also know how important it is to continue your education. We are pleased to offer our $2,500 scholarship contest so that we can help the next generation of college and technical school students bring their academic and professional goals to life. We look forward to awarding this scholarship to one student each year.

2019 Scholarship Essay How Would You Reduce Automobile Accidents?

If you could make one law aimed at reducing automobile accidents, what would it be and why? In 500 words or less, explain your law, how you would implement and enforce it, your reasoning behind it, and expected results. Please feel free to quote any statistics or data, also listing the source of that information (report, article, website, etc.)
Bachelor's Degree
Scholarship $2,500 April
Rentec Direct's Tech Mastery Scholarship
Organization: RentecDirect
Purpose: Here at Rentec Direct, we recognize that the investment in knowledge pays the best dividends for the future. To further support the goals and dreams of future technology influencers, Rentec Direct developed a scholarship fund for students pursuing a career in Computer Science.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $500 April
Women in Computing Scholarship: $1,000 Annual Award
Organization: Dotcom Monitor
Purpose: Dotcom-Monitor would like to encourage and support female undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in computing by assisting them with the rising cost of higher education.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $1,000 April