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Green Marketers Career Video

Description: Create and implement methods to market green products and services.

Video Transcript

Who knows what green innovations will be used to forge a strong, environmentally-healthy society in the future? Green marketers do! Green marketers use data on sales trends to take a peek at future market conditions, devising and analyzing different marketing tactics to make environmentally-friendly products more available to the average person. Green marketers give and receive information from conferences, community events, and often from conducting their own research. These marketing gurus design questionnaires and studies that show consumers’ opinions on solar energy systems, green cleaning products, recycled and renewable products, and more. From there, green marketers generate creative advertisements for the products or services they represent that will both raise awareness about the benefits of using environmentally-friendly products as well as selling them to customers, based on their competitive strong points. Becoming a green marketer generally requires a bachelor’s degree. A background in environmental issues is a plus. Green marketers keep environmentally healthy products and services in the public awareness, creating better choices through their efforts.