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Marketing Managers Career Video

Description: Plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs, such as determining the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors, and identify potential customers. Develop pricing strategies with the goal of maximizing the firm's profits or share of the market while ensuring the firm's customers are satisfied. Oversee product development or monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services.

Video Transcript

In the world of selling goods and services, marketing managers are always on the lookout for ways to turn up the heat on interest in their products. These managers lead teams that use market knowledge and data analysis to estimate how much of a product consumers want, and to identify new markets for a clients' products. They also keep an eye on trends that point out an opportunity to create new products or services. Marketing managers develop pricing strategies they think will appeal to buyers, while still earning a profit for the company. They also determine project budgets, assign tasks, and manage their team. These managers often collaborate with advertising or promotions managers, and usually work closely with top executives. Marketing managers typically work full time either at an advertising agency or in a marketing department within a larger company. The work can be stressful, with long hours especially near deadlines. Most marketing managers have a bachelor's degree, in addition to previous marketing experience. Courses in economics, finance, statistics, and computer science are particularly useful. Many former public relations specialists or sales representatives also move into this field. Master's degrees are not unusual. Sometimes almost magically, marketing managers have the skill of anticipating where products will fit in people's lives, even before consumers realize what they're missing out on.