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Transportation Managers Career Video

Description: Plan, direct, or coordinate the transportation operations within an organization or the activities of organizations that provide transportation services.

Video Transcript

In the transportation industry, managers are responsible for the movement of people and goods over distances, whether by air, rail, ocean, or highway. They, and their staff, are responsible for launching and tracking the transport vehicles across the globe, and may even manage vehicle storage facilities from airports to truck warehouses. These managers invest much of their time keeping tabs on operations to make sure they comply with all types of policy and procedure, from safety rules to union contracts and government regulations. Transportation managers are in close communication with those involved in the transportation process; they need to keep up-to-the-minute tabs on the location of goods. Accuracy, time pressure and dealing with conflict or troubleshooting are normal parts of the job. Having the flexibility to move from being strong leaders who see the big picture, to planning the details, is a hallmark of the job. Entering the field usually requires a bachelor's degree in a business field. Knowledge of supply chain management, or contract negotiation, is helpful. Some jobs only require relevant work experience in the business, or the type of product they need to move.