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Training and Development Managers Career Video

Description: Plan, direct, or coordinate the training and development activities and staff of an organization.

Video Transcript

Fact: Employees who are engaged at work are happier, perform better, and stay on the job longer. Training and development managers play a big role in this dynamic: making sure that employees not only learn the skills they need, but also get the learning opportunities they want. These managers research topics, develop workshops and trainings, and give presentations. They may purchase materials from different sources, tailor them for the organization, and create some of their own. Running new employee orientations is often part of the job. A skilled training manager will conduct surveys, evaluate their programs, and keep tabs on leadership’s priorities to ensure their training efforts hit the target. Training materials and methods must be up to date; they may use distance learning systems or videoconferencing to reach employees at a distance. All while keeping a balanced budget. Training and development managers work in almost every industry. They almost always work full-time during regular business hours in an office setting. A bachelor’s degree, or sometimes a master’s degree, is required, in business administration, human resources, curriculum design, or a related field.