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Licensing Examiners and Inspectors Career Video

Description: Examine, evaluate, and investigate eligibility for, conformity with, or liability under licenses or permits.

Video Transcript

All kinds of businesses, from bars to builders, need to pass inspections to operate. And drivers must pass a test to earn a license. Licensing examiners and inspectors make sure that these kinds of government standards are met, to protect public safety and keep businesses running on the right track. Licensing inspectors conduct inspections to make sure businesses meet regulations. They document problem areas and advise businesses on improvements; when needed they cite violations, and impose penalties. For example, a health inspector may go into a restaurant to make sure that it meets sanitation standards— and that up-to-date licenses and required signage are posted. If not, the inspector may issue a fine, or close the facility until health standards are met. Licensing examiners evaluate applications and records for people seeking approval for something they want to do, whether for their personal benefit, like a driver’s license, or their professional development, like a business license. It’s licensing examiners who give road and flight tests for vehicle operating licenses. Training options for these positions include technical school, an associate’s degree, or work experience in a field related to the license, such as business, health care, or law enforcement. Licensing examiners and inspectors make our world a little safer for everyone!