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Government Property Inspectors and Investigators Career Video

Description: Investigate or inspect government property to ensure compliance with contract agreements and government regulations.

Video Transcript

Federal, state and local governments own property including office buildings, airports, public housing apartments, and post offices. Government property inspectors and investigators make sure that government-owned properties meet legal and construction standards, and that they’re safe for residents and building tenants. These inspectors visit properties and construction sites to document issues and detail their findings and recommendations. When misuse of public funds or other fraudulent activity is in question, inspectors investigate and report to law enforcement or other authorities, and may testify in court. Government property inspectors and investigators also review license or permit applications, and may request repairs or fixes based on their findings. Dealing with customers is an important part of the job, and while most interactions may be cordial, sometimes parties involved in investigations respond angrily. There’s a great deal of policy, procedure, and recordkeeping to this field, so detail orientation is a must. A 40-hour work week with normal office hours is typical in this field, including travel to visit building locations and meet with facilities representatives. Many government property inspectors and investigators have a bachelor’s degree, although typical job requirements include only technical training or an associate’s degree.