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Financial Quantitative Analysts Career Video

Description: Develop quantitative financial products used to inform individuals or financial institutions engaged in saving, lending, investing, borrowing, or managing risk. Investigate methods for financial analysis to create mathematical models used to develop improved analytical tools or advanced financial investment instruments.

Video Transcript

Financial specialists earn the trust of their customers and employers by puzzling out complex financial questions and providing sound advice. These specialists strive to ensure the profitability of investments, focusing on different aspects of financial security. Financial quantitative analysts use advanced statistical techniques to develop financial analytic models. They provide guidance to determine values for investments, and help companies make better recommendations for investors. Risk management specialists identify the risks of potential investments for an organization, and assist in deciding how to manage risk most effectively. They also advise companies on the advantages of different ownership structures, customer bases, and industry segments. Investment underwriters advise clients on how to finance their businesses, and arrange financing with banks, agencies, and public or private companies. They also develop strategies to help struggling companies recover. Fraud examiners, investigators, and analysts seek evidence to prove, or disprove, fraud allegations. They interview suspects and witnesses, and analyze financial data to identify irregularities that could indicate fraudulent activity. They often coordinate with law enforcement and attorneys, and may also testify in court. Financial specialist positions generally require a related bachelor’s degree, although most quantitative analyst positions require a master's degree. Some positions may not require a college degree.