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Web Administrators Career Video

Description: Manage web environment design, deployment, development and maintenance activities. Perform testing and quality assurance of web sites and web applications.

Video Transcript

Web administrators bring the components of a website design together, publish it online, and make sure it functions effectively and securely. Web administrators, sometimes called webmasters, keep web page content and links up to date, find and fix web page problems, and implement website security measures such as firewalls or encryption. They follow back-up and recovery procedures regularly. Webmasters work closely with website development teams on both internal and external websites. Usability is critical for websites, and webmasters test and track many aspects of a site’s performance to ensure the site meets its planned function and users have a good experience. Web administrators help create and document guidelines used by everyone who contributes to the website, to ensure consistency and effectiveness. They may also train website users, and teach other staff how to maintain websites. Working in an office during typical office hours is the norm in this field, but work schedules of longer than 40 hours per week are not unusual. The ability to collaborate and communicate well with teammates is essential. While a number of web administrators have a bachelor’s degree, typical job requirements include technical training or an associate’s degree. Regardless of education requirements, positions in this field generally require continuous learning to keep up with the changing world of web development.