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Computer Hardware Engineers Career Video

Description: Research, design, develop, or test computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. May supervise the manufacturing and installation of computer or computer-related equipment and components.


Video Transcript

With each passing day,we spend more time on computersand expect them to meetmore complex needs.Computer hardware engineershave a leading role in the research on,and development of,advanced computer technology,and even influence how it's used.Computer hardware engineers research,design, and test computer systemsand components such as processors,circuit boards, memory, and storage media.In most cases,the goal of computer hardware engineersis to discover ways to make computersfaster and more powerful.Some more specialized engineers designother devices that incorporate computers-like cars and medical equipment.Some work closely with software developersto design phones, tablets, and other devices.Computer hardware engineers need to becreative problem-solvers,and work well as a member of a team...using their powers of reasonto find original solutions.Usually computer hardware engineershave a bachelor's degreein computer engineering,though degrees in electrical engineeringor computer science are also accepted.Some positions require a master's degree.Many employers expect computer hardwareengineers to have at least somefamiliarity with software.In this fast-moving millennium,few shape our information world likecomputer hardware engineers.