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Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Career Video

Description: Apply principles of psychology to human resources, administration, management, sales, and marketing problems. Activities may include policy planning; employee testing and selection, training and development; and organizational development and analysis. May work with management to organize the work setting to improve worker productivity.


Video Transcript

Many companies say theirgreatest resource is their employees.Industrial-organizational psychologistshelp develop positive,effective work environments thatsupport employee success,and organizational productivity.Focusing on making a strong matchbetween employees and positions,they are often adept at job analysis—learning which skills and qualities aremost important for different jobs.They develop testing and selection methodsto make the best hiring decisions,and help current employees findadvancement opportunitieswithin their organization.When conflicts occur,they participate in mediationand dispute resolution.Industrial-organizational psychologistsalso advise leaders on how tocommunicate effectively.They use surveys and other toolsto identify the areas an organization needsto change to be more successful.To improve morale, lower stress,and build stronger teams,these psychologists also developtraining programs for staff and managers.Work settings for this field are most oftencorporations, research groups,government agencies,or independent work consulting withdifferent types of organizations.A master’s degree in industrial andorganizational psychology is requiredto enter this field;some positions require a Ph.D.The great reward for anindustrial-organization psychologist…comes from seeing employees achievetheir own job satisfaction.