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Judicial Law Clerks Career Video

Description: Assist judges in court or by conducting research or preparing legal documents.

Video Transcript

Judicial law clerks help judges prepare for court by conducting research and preparing legal documents. Clerks are usually recent law school graduates. They help judges stay on top of the vast body of law and precedent that legal decisions are based on, and assist in communicating with attorneys involved in cases. Law clerks prepare legal briefs, review motions submitted by attorneys, and also perform more routine tasks like proofreading opinions, taking notes, reviewing forms, and entering data. Judicial work generally takes place at courtrooms, in judges’ chambers, and offices, but clerks may also travel to conduct witness interviews or deliver subpoenas. Law clerks often work 40 hours or more per week, as in many movies and shows featuring law professionals, there’s a good chance they will work late into the night more often than workers in most professions. Most judicial law clerks have completed law school, typically a 3-year program after a bachelor’s degree. Many go on to work as lawyers or attorneys, and some pursue a Ph.D. in law as well.