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Choreographers Career Video

Description: Create new dance routines. Rehearse performance of routines. May direct and stage presentations.

Video Transcript

Whether it’s a school recital or a professional performance, dancers follow a carefully orchestrated sequence of moves. The artists who create those sequences are called Choreographers. Typically, choreographers are experienced dancers themselves. Some may have gone to college to earn fine arts degrees. Whether through education or years of practical experience, it is important to have a good knowledge of musical theory and techniques. Even with formal training, writing down a dance sequence is a difficult process. For this reason, many choreographers prefer to demonstrate the steps themselves. Rehearsals can be grueling, demanding coordination, flexibility and stamina. However, not all choreographers, especially as they get older, are physically capable of fully performing the sequences they design. Therefore they need to be able to express their ideas to other dancers so they can properly execute the choreography. Part of the job involves auditioning dancers. You will be expected to be able to make decisions, even if it means disappointing hopeful candidates. Choreographers find work in dance companies and studios. They are also hired for the theater, movies, music videos and school programs. While these positions are steadily available, competition is intense. But if you have the passion and the talent, as a choreographer, you can help put poetry into the motion of dance.