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Chiropractors Career Video

Description: Assess, treat, and care for patients by manipulation of spine and musculoskeletal system. May provide spinal adjustment or address sacral or pelvic misalignment.

Video Transcript

Many people depend on the skill of chiropractors to help them heal from injuries and the aches and pains generated from life’s wear and tear. Also called Doctors of Chiropractic, they diagnose and treat problems associated with the muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems, especially the spine. Chiropractors need a combination of physical skill, scientific knowledge, and empathy for patients. They make manual adjustments to the spine and other joints to correct poor alignment. Using their knowledge of anatomy, and diagnostic skills, they review patients’ medical histories and analyze test results to develop treatment plans. As part of the field’s commitment to wellness, they also often advise patients about exercise and nutrition. Chiropractors must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, or D.C., degree which generally takes four years of full-time study. Students may be admitted to D.C. programs with a bachelor’s degree, or with coursework totaling at least 90 hours that includes physics, chemistry and biology. After completing the D.C. program, they must pass board certification tests, and maintain a professional license to practice. Chiropractors can establish their own practice, purchase or join an established practice, or seek employment at a health care facility. With growing national interest in holistic, preventive medicine, and increased coverage by health insurance, this is a field of medicine that is only expected to expand.