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Nurse Midwives Career Video

Description: Diagnose and coordinate all aspects of the birthing process, either independently or as part of a healthcare team. May provide well-woman gynecological care. Must have specialized, graduate nursing education.

Video Transcript

Nurse midwives have the monumental responsibility of bringing the next generation into the world. These Advanced Practice Registered Nurses conduct many aspects of gynecological care, from providing annual exams and family planning services ...to prenatal care... to birth and delivery. The job of nurse midwives doesn’t start and end in the delivery room. While they manage and treat some birth complications, such as bleeding or lacerations, they also provide care in the months before birth...performing examinations... monitoring the fetal heartbeat… and identifying the baby’s position and size. They record this information to diagnose, treat, and prevent issues that may arise. Nurse midwives also educate their patients about the expected changes throughout pregnancy and birth, potential symptoms to monitor, and about any procedures that their patient is considering. Nurse midwives may work independently through a private practice or on a care team at a hospital or birthing center. They may be needed at all hours to manage labor and deliveries. Nurse midwives must be strong in order to lift and position their patients, and may be vulnerable to back injury. To enter the field, candidates typically need a registered nursing license, a master’s degree, and certification. With these professionals, patients can rest assured that the future... is in good hands.