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Dental Hygienists Career Video

Description: Clean teeth and examine oral areas, head, and neck for signs of oral disease. May educate patients on oral hygiene, take and develop x rays, or apply fluoride or sealants.


Video Transcript

Dental hygienists provide dental carethat promotes good oral health and helps prevent or repairproblems with patients’ teeth.A typical day involves examining patients’ teeth and gumsfor cavities and disease, cleaning and polishing teeth,and teaching patients proper brushing and flossing techniques.Hygienists wear gloves, safety glasses and surgical masks,and follow strict safety procedures at all times.Most take x-rays of patients’ teeth.To be successful in this profession, you must be detail-oriented,and have the ability to work well with your hands.You can expect daily interaction withmany different people from all walks of life.While almost all dental hygienists work indentists offices, about half work part-time.Since dentists often hire hygienists for a few days per week,some hygienists work for more than one dentistto reach full-time hours in the field.An associate’s degree in dental hygiene is required for this profession,and usually takes three years to complete.All states also require dental hygienists to be licensed.In this career, you’ve got your patient’s back…or rather, their teeth!