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Fish and Game Wardens Career Video

Description: Patrol assigned area to prevent fish and game law violations. Investigate reports of damage to crops or property by wildlife. Compile biological data.


Video Transcript

Protecting wildlife and wild placesis the work of conservation officers.Also called fish and game wardens,they enforce laws and regulationsthat support fish and animal populations.Capable of using almostevery type of transportation,they patrol their assigned areas by car,boat, airplane, horse, or on foot.Fish and game wardens investigatehunting accidents and fish or game violations,and may compile evidence to testify in court.They issue hunting licensesand help to make the hunting seasonas safe and humane as possible.As officers, they also carry weaponsand are trained by the local, state,or federal agency that employs them.A conservation officer may collect or reviewbiological data to assessthe health of their area,such as the condition of wildlife in a park,the health of native plants,or the impact of wildlife on crops.They may also conduct inspections or rescues.Most positions require abachelor’s degree in a related field.A background in the life sciences,and interests in fishing, bird watching,or hunting, are helpful.Excellent physical condition is required.If you love wildlife and being outdoors,this may be an ideal career.